Monday, January 4, 2016

Ditch the Resolutions!

So, here we are at the beginning of another new year. For some, it's a time of taking stock, making changes, and even setting yourself some of those dreaded resolutions that usually run out of speed by the first of February. 

Many years ago, I made a promise to myself to never make another resolution. What a path to feeling like a failure those can be. If there is a change I need to make in my life, I will try my damndest to make it. If it doesn't work out, I'll try another way or re-assess the need for the change. That's what life is all about.

What really pisses me off this time of year are the plethora of diet commercials preying on people who feel that in order to be better you have to be thinner. Have you seen Oprah's new Weight Watchers commercial? It makes me see red. It starts with Oprah, sitting in her grove saying "Inside every over weight woman is a woman she knows she can be".

Really Oprah, EVERY overweight woman? You can count me out of that group right now. My extra pounds don't keep me from being my very best self!

She goes on to say "You look in the mirror and don't even recognize yourself because you get lost, buried in the weight that you carry". I'm sure this speaks to some, even many, women, but this negative bullshit spin that she is putting on it to sell the product (Weight Watchers, which is paying her $43,000,000 over 5 years plus 10% of their stock!!) is really doing everybody a disservice.

This notion that in order to find out who you are you must lose weight, be thin, meet society's (ever less popular ideal) of beauty is pure crap and it sets our gender (and increasingly men as well) to fail and feel even crappier about themselves. It's time to stop it!

Stop blaming pounds on not knowing who we are as individuals. Stop saying, "I'll be happier when I lose.....". Stop this cycle of self-cruelty and start leading with kindness and self-love.

If we could all just get to know our inner selves (which doesn't change with the scale), learn to like ourselves as humans - thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, passions, opinions, THEN we will start honoring ourselves out of love and stop berating ourselves out of hate. THEN we will began caring for ourselves with compassion. We will start nourishing ourselves out of respect (if your body has natural changes to make they will happen!) .

We will start having fun with ourselves, increasing our activity. We will start honoring our bodies needs with rest and rejuvenation. Then we will begin relating to one another with support and kindness instead of judgement and jealousy.

If you want to change your life in 2016 begin with self-love and self compassion, NOT with self-recrimination and self-hate, if this path sounds kinder and more inviting to you, please consider joining me and other like-minded women in my Be Body Positive STL 2016 community.

Nothing would make me happier in 2016 than helping you on this new, exciting and freeing journey.

Cheers to you!

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